Before Dawn

Before Dawn

Subway Bar and Lounge
Friday – Sep 25 – 9:00

Rob Houle and Kate Arpke met in the fall of 1998 while in college at The University of Central Florida. They were both theater majors. They worked together and collaborated on projects from the beginning. Rob and Kate got married December 1st 2002.

Rob was urged by then neighbor, close friend and fellow guitar player, Perry Bamonte of The Cure to make meaningful music (rather than stylistically and technically complicated). Before Dawn was originally an attempt to be “that band.” Perry was and still is to this day one of the Houle’s closest friends, biggest inspirations and harshest critics. Perry, endearingly refers to Rob as a “flash bastard” guitar player.

The band Before Dawn was conceived in March of 2004, originally as a 3 piece, temporarily as a 4 piece and in 2006 became the two piece that they were obviously meant to be. Kate wrote the lyrics while learning to play the bass and Rob wrote the music and worked really hard to follow Perry’s advice by pulling back in his “flash bastard”, sick lick guitar playing for almost 3 years. Eventually Rob found his true guitar soul once again, after becoming a 2 piece. He came back from his “sick lick” abstinence stronger than ever.

Rob turned Kate into the bass player, the rocker that she never even knew she was meant to be or could be. Kate is a long time professional athlete/water ski show performer. Somehow extreme sports seem to translate pretty well to the rock and roll world.