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2010 Dates Announced! Unprecedented Rain During '09 Declared Unrepeatable

Rain Cincinnati's 9th Annual MidPoint Music Festival will take place September 23, 24, 25 of 2010.

Submission for showcase consideration will open March 1, 2010 via Sonic Bids.

We are working to ensure performers of MPMF2010 open access to all festival showcases. Performers should plan to block off the entire weekend to enjoy the sites, sounds and networking opportunities at Cincinnati's MidPoint Music Festival.

It rained each night of the 2009 MidPoint Music Festival (attendance increase 27% anyway), so we feel our weather dues have been paid. There's no way it can rain three consecutive MPMF nights again..... no way at all. Not gonna happen. Only clear September nights in 2010.....

So all you music fans can leave your umbrellas in the corner and block off September 23, 24 and 25 on your 2010 calendar as well.

Kudos for Cincinnati

Eat Sugar We've heard from some great bands. We've heard some wild stories. Now let's hear it for the fans, businesses, and organizations that have made the 8th running of the MidPoint Music Festival a success.

Cincinnati is blessed with one of the best music scenes in the nation. Yeah, we can point to Esquire listing us in the top ten cities that rock or Spin dubbing us "Rock City," but what it really comes down to is people showing up and making it happen. Cincinnati...you did that.

From the conception of rock 'n' roll in 50s and 60s, the great soul of the 70s, dance and metal in the 80s, and the raw grunge of the 90s, Cincinnati has always represented itself as a music town. Today is no different.

More than 260 bands played at the festival in 2009. Many of those were local. The rest wanted to play here. In fact, the festival had more than 1,000 bands and artists apply to showcase at MidPoint. They want to play...in Cincinnati...because of it's people.

More than 15,000 fans showed up to support the music. More than 2,800 of those fans rode in Scion Streetcars to get around town. Twenty one venues opened their doors to offer showcases. Fifteen organizations partnered with us along the way. Sixteen businesses sponsored the festival to provide essential operating cash, services, and assistance. And countless other blogs, radio and TV stations, and newspapers spread the word about this year's festival.

Yes you, the people of Cincinnati, made it happen. You all rock.

Our Downtown and Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods were teeming with activity. Streets were full. Businesses were busy. Life was good.

Now, it's time to sweep up and get ready for next year. Stay tuned in for announcements about artists submissions for the 2010 event around February. We plan to show the world once again how Cincinnati rocks.

Tragic Accident for The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir

The Scotland Yard Gospel ChoirOn Thursday, September 24 The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir experienced a terrible accident after their van blew a tire and flipped over on I-65 on the way to Cincinnati. The crash destroyed all of their gear, and hospitalized six band members, including one with spine fractures. Reports from their label, Bloodshot Records, say three have been released, but others remain in serious condition.

Anyone interested in helping the band members out with what are sure to be costly medical bills, the band's label has set up a site for donations. To help click here. MidPoint Music Festival wishes them all the best and hopes for a full recovery.


Fairmount GirlsFAIRMOUNT GIRLS (Cincinnati) Indie Rock/Pop: Thirteen years. Three great albums. Some local music awards. Opening slots for Guided By Voices and the White Stripes. Spiky Farfisa. Crashing guitars. Swinging drums. Heady highs. Unspeakable lows. Triumph over tragedy. What more do you need to know about The Fairmount Girls? Go. See. Love.

Dig: Four decades of Rock and Pop Culture in five amazing people. That’s more math than we can do, but it’s a great proportion.

Inner Peace Center 9:30 Saturday Check them out on Myspace

Say It With A Smile

Say It with a Smile Say It With A Smile (Champaign, Ill.) Indie/Acoustic: Another example of the strange rise of Soft Rock influences in the Indie music world, Say It With A Smile is an acoustic-based five-piece that makes light-as-air Pop with rainbowing harmonies and sunset ruminations.

Dig: The catchiest Low and Iron and Wine sound with a trippier beat

The Segway Room 11 p.m. Friday Check them out on Myspace